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An all-in-one platform for the development of Web of Things applications driven by real-time, heterogeneous, not-structured and dynamic data.


Welcome to the Milky Data Way

You describe your services and things, we'll do the rest!

A full-stack IoT platform that offers modular components and features for building and deploying Web of Things (WoT) applications. The platform adopts open Web standards and near-zero-cost abstractions, enabling seamless integration of your devices and services for developing your next WoT solution. The proactive real-time knowledge management makes Milky Data Way the ideal solution for different use cases characterized by dynamic, heterogeneous and not structured data such as Industry 4.0, Agriculture 4,0, and Smart Cities. Milky Data Way follows FAIR data principles and allows maximum flexibility, interoperability and scalability by offering standalone components that can be cherry-picked and composed based on your project requirements.

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Real world integrations

With Milky Data Way, we're not just pioneers in IoT technology; we're creators of real-world solutions. From transforming agriculture to modernize industrial assets our IoT platform is the cornerstone of innovation across diverse sectors. Explore how our products are making a tangible difference in the world, one integration at a time.

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Integrate faster and happier

Accelerate your development journey with our tools designed for seamless integration. We leverage Web standards and Semantic Web technologies to help you build applications that connect services, devices, and models effortlessly. Why is this important? Because in today's interconnected digital world, the ability to integrate is the ability to innovate. With our tools, you can focus on creating unique solutions, while we handle the complexities of integration. Integrate faster, happier, and smarter with us. Read the documentation

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About us

VAIMEE is a University of Bologna spinoff funded in 2020. Founders are the right mix of academics and entrepreneurs, with competences ranging from industrial embedded systems up to full-stack software solutions. VAIMEE aims to transfer research results and know-how on systems interoperability to the market, in particular with emphasis on the Internet of Things. VAIMEE's long term vision is to develop the Milky Data Way, a SaaS facilitating the integration of services, models and devices, reducing development and maintenance costs of large-scale Web of Things applications.

Work together

“Fortuna est momentum quo occasionem convenit talentum” [Seneca, 65 d.c.]

We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that empowers our team members to contribute with their unique skills and perspectives. We believe in continuous learning and personal development, providing opportunities for professional growth and advancement. As a remote-first company, we offer flexibility and work-life balance, allowing our team members to thrive in their roles while enjoying the benefits of working remotely. Join us in our mission to create innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the lives of developers worldwide.


Ph.D. Luca Roffia


Ph.D. Cristiano Aguzzi


Alessandro Fulignani


Marzio Marinelli



Lorenzo Gigli

Full stack developer

Alessandra Marconi


Ivan Zyrianoff

Full stack developer

Lorenzo Trivellini

Backend developer

Gregorio Monari

Jr. Full stack developer

Great things are built together

At VAIMEE we search for the best partners to create a more open and interoperable world. Here is a list of whom believed in us and gave us the opportunity to grow.


AlmaCube - Viale Giuseppe Fanin, 48, 40127 Bologna

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