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About Us

VAIMEE is a University of Bologna spinoff whose mission is to build the MilkyDataWay

An all-in-one platform enabling the development of interoperable data-driven applications by composing existing open source solutions and tools.

If your application is driven by real-time , heterogeneous , not-structured and dynamic data, then MilkyDataWay is what you are looking for!

Follow this link to a have a look at the applications we are developing

Milky Data Way

An all-in-one secure, open and scalable platform to compose interoperable applications

  • Interoperable

    Built on top of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies, MilkyDataWay is interoperable by design. Compliant with W3C recommendations, MilkyDataWay provides developers with several APIs. #SPARQL 1.1 Secure Event Protocol #NGSI-LD #SOLID #Web of Things

  • Secure

    Secure by design, MilkyDataWay enables authentication of users, devices, applications and services according to standard protocols like #Open ID Connect and #OAuth 2.0. MilkyDataWay introduces a novel ACL based on the #Web Access Control SOLID specification

  • Open

    Thanks to open enabling technologies like #SEPA and #W3C Web of Things, MilkyDataWay integrates the very best open source solutions to transform raw, dynamic, not structured and heterogeneous data into usable, semantic, interoperable and actionable data

  • Scalable

    Thanks to the novel distributed publish-subscribe mechanism implemented by #SEPA, complemented by state of the art #Docker deployment technology, MilkyDataWay can scale without compromises

  • Composable

    All the integrated services and tools are #semantically described which allows to easily compose new applications, even assisted by AI

  • Web 3.0 ready

    MilkyDataWay is enriched by #blockchain technologies to support next generation Web applications and adopts #W3C Web of Things technologies to facilitate the interaction of Things , both in the physical and digital worlds

Follow this link to a have a look at the applications we are developing


Graph Technologies

In particular Knowledge Graphs as enabling technology of the Web of Data where the data semantics is explicit.

Graph technology is what you need when the integration and access of data at large scale is required.

If data become also dynamic then MilkyDataWay comes into play

Internet of Things

The high level of fragmentation, the dynamic nature and heterogeneity of data sources make the Internet of Things one of the most appealing domain for MilkyDataWay

AI Generated Composite Applications

Thanks to the underpinning knowledge representation, within MilkyDataWay even application components are semantically described.

This makes their integration and deployment easier, envisioning an automatic generation of applications supported by AI

Smart Spaces

“An ecosystem of interacting objects, e.g. sensors, devices, appliances and embedded systems in general, that have the capability to self-organize, to provide services and manipulate/publish complex data.” (Roffia et al., 2011) are fully enabled by MilkyDataWay

The above technologies are referenced by Gartner impact radar for 2022, Gartner Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies 2018 2019 2020 2021


The semantic data representation allows MilkyDataWay to improve analytics and sharing capabilities, facilitating relationships and patterns discovery among big data sets


The detection and distribution of events over Knowledge Graphs allows MilkyDataWay to enable the development of distributed, interoperable, data-driven and context-aware applications and services


MilkyDataWay enriches data value providing valuable insights thanks to the real time data aggregation by means of reasoning, rules and AI techniques


The distributed content-based publish-subscribe mechanism allows MilkyDataWay to provide a solid and scalable solution for the development of services and applications in several vertical domains, even cross-domain

Web of Things

We do believe #W3C Web of Things will play a crucial role to overcome the Internet of Things interoperability barrier, not by introducing new standards, but allowing Things to interact using the Web as a medium to convey actions and events.

Within MilkyDataWay Things can be described in #JSON-LD and searched through directories like #Zion

Blockchain, distributed Oracles and bridges

MilkyDataWay is ready to enable solutions in contexts where trustworthy content handling is essential, such as providing data evidence in quality and compliance audits, detecting anomalous conditions in industrial IoT or in environmental monitoring devoted to mitigating climate changes.

MilkyDataWay can even play the role of enabler of semantic bridges to overcome interoperability among blockchain protocols

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MilkyDataWay solves any interoperability issue you may have

Some examples of composable applications & projects aimed at continuously innovate our solution follows

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  • Applications
  • Projects


The Ultimate PM & HR Suite By Smart Workers for Smart Workers


The evolution of My2Sec technology focused on trusted skill tracking on a public ledger.


Predictive maintenance of cast resin transformers

DASI Breaker (DAPSI EU Project)

DAta SIlos Breaker A Semantic Open Interoperability Solution to Break Down Data Silos


Decentralized Smart Oracles for Trusted Linked Data

Our values

"Fortuna est momentum quo occasionem convenit talentum" [Seneca, 65 a.c.]

Fully remote to hybrid

A necessity has become an opportunity named My2Sec. We are hosted at CesenaLab and our first office is located in Bologna

Research focused

Find solutions to unexpected problems requires good research skills. Join us at the Web of Things community group and see our projects


Do it at your best and enjoy what you do. Passion drives our daily duties and you will feel it. Don't be shy, contact us to know how to join

Open (source) is the rule

From software to mind set. Visit our GitHub repository to see the projects we are developing or contributing to. Be open, it is great!

Continuous learning

We are always curious to learn new technologies. New members are welcome to improve their skills with online courses or attending conferences

Innovation as first

From higher education and research to the market and the way back. Global challenges require novel sustainable and scalable solutions


The right mixture of academics and entrepreneurs

Luca Roffia


Computer Science, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (PhD)

Logic Design and Computer Architecture (Assistant Professor)

Cristiano Aguzzi


Engineering and Information Technology for Structural and Environmental Monitoring and Risk Management (PhD)

W3C Web of Things Community Group (Co-Chair)/Working Group (Invited expert)

Alessandro Fulignani


Physics studies

HW/FW Co-Design

Marzio Minarelli


Nuclear Engineering (MSc)

Team members

In order of appearance

Andrea Ferrari


Computer Science Engineering (MSc)


Lorenzo Trivelli


Computer Science, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (MSc)


Lorenzo Gigli

Full stack developer

Computer Science (MSc)

Engineering and Information Technology for Structural and Environmental Monitoring and Risk Management (PhD Student)

Alessandra Marconi

Project Manager

Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts (MBA)

Gianluca Di Tuccio

Data scientist

Biomedical Engineering (BSc)

Artificial Intelligence (MSc student)

Gregorio Monari

Full stack developer

Electronic Engineering (BSc)

Ivan Zyrianoff

Full stack developer

Information Engineering (MSc)

Engineering and Information Technology for Structural and Environmental Monitoring and Risk Management (PhD Student)

Lorenzo Orsini

Data scientist

Biomedical Engineering (BSc)

Artificial Intelligence (MSc student)


Current and former

Nicholas Bolognesi

Electronic Engineering (BSc Student)

Predictive maintenace of cast resin transformers using SuperSet

Chiara Delvecchio

Biomedical Engineering (BSc Student)

Reasoning and rules for My2Sec using SWRL


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Via Adelaide Ristori 11, 40127 Bologna, Italy


+39 051 9922901

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