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The Milky Data Way

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A full-stack IoT platform that offers modular components and features for building and deploying IoT applications. The platform adopts open Web standards and near-zero-cost abstractions, enabling seamless integration of your devices and services for developing your next solution. Abilities like processing of real-time data and a centralized knowledge management of devices and services, make Milky Data Way the ideal solution for different Milky Data Way is ideal for different use cases such as manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare. The platform allows for maximum flexibility and scalability by offering standalone components that can be cherry-picked based on project requirements.

Want to know More?

Within the MilkyDataWay we offer a set of services tailored engineered for tackling the integration of the most diverse services and devices. The following the describes the list of the software components that are currently on the roadmap of the MilkyDataWay. If you are looking for real use cases, read here how we used the MilkyDataWay to improve agriculture and waste less water.

Device directories

The Device Directory offered by the Milky Data Way serves as a comprehensive and feature-rich repository for managing device metadata in an efficient, flexible, and secure manner. It enables advanced searching capabilities, supports interoperability with various devices, and provides a foundation for efficient device management within the IoT ecosystem.


Proxies are responsible for bridging devices across different isolated networks. Through proxies, you can bring your devices to the cloud instantaneously and closer to your services. Our proxies are specifically designed to deal with device metadata so the configurations closely follow your device model and features.


Models help you to build software components that can be reused across different IoT applications. Our community-oriented repository of models gives you the ability to fast prototype your solution while maintaining a high level of extensibility and interoperability between different vendor solutions. With models, you can also build digital twins creating a hybrid environment with real and simulated devices.

Active Knowledge graph

The "Active Knowledge Graph" component is a publish/subscribe knowledge graph database with a standard API. It enables seamless exchange of information and insights across connected devices and services in real-time. The Active Knowledge Graph facilitates efficient data processing, enables event-driven workflows, and provides a unified interface for interacting with the IoT ecosystem, making it a powerful tool for building intelligent applications and services.

Where to go

The Milky Data Way is a working progress. We are continuously improving our software stack to be more open and reliable. We are looking for partners that want to test our technologies or relevant use cases where we can extend our list of requirements to better fit the customer's needs. Currently, all the components of the Milky Data Way are in a closed beta phase, but if you want to test it in the future just send us an email and we will contact you back.

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Waste less water with the MilkyDataWay

Presenting AgorĂ , a sophisticated solution powered by MilkyDataWay that addresses a critical concern in agriculture: water conservation. AgorĂ  harnesses the capabilities of the MilkyDataWay's full-stack IoT platform to seamlessly integrate data from various sources and vendors, incorporating it into a precise physical soil simulation. This innovative approach allows AgorĂ  to predict the precise water requirements of diverse crops with exceptional precision. Farmers can now irrigate their fields with pinpoint accuracy, minimizing water wastage. AgorĂ 's intelligent simulation not only conserves water but also optimizes crop growth, resource allocation, and overall agricultural productivity. With MilkyDataWay and AgorĂ , sustainable and efficient agriculture becomes a reality.

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